by Megan O'Callaghan & Els Zubeldia

Hotspot Groningen: Smooth Brothers

Hotspot Groningen: Smooth Brothers

Hi Guys,

Who doesn’t love a healthy & delicious smoothie!? In Amsterdam there are already many cute smoothie bars, but in Groningen there was not even one, until now! Last week the Smooth Brothers opened their doors in the Zwanestraat, and of course we tried their smoothies right away.

We were so excited to check out the very first smoothie bar in Groningen, and we had high expectations. The smoothie bar looks really nice, we love the way they established the place. As they say on their Facebook page, it really takes you back to the old days. The interior looks like a mix of modern and vintage, very cute! Check out the pictures below, you’ll probably love it too!

We visited the Smooth Brothers in the morning, since we already had breakfast, we ordered a smoothie. Els had the ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ and I had the ‘Monk’ (menucard below). They also offer smoothie bowls, we can’t wait to try them. The smoothies were really good and refreshing! We paid €4, – for a regular smoothie. We thought this was pretty cheap for what we got. The products that are being used to make the smoothies are fresh and healthy. At a supermarket you quickly pay around €2/€3 for a smoothie that is not even fresh.

Another thing that we liked about the Smooth Brothers, is the service – the people who were working there that day, were very nice, enthousiastic and helpful.

We definitely recommend you guys to check out the Smooth Brothers, we really enjoyed it and will revisit this new hotspot!! (make sure to check out the pictures below)



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