by Megan O'Callaghan & Els Zubeldia

Hotspot Maastricht: CINQ

Hotspot Maastricht: CINQ

Hi Guys,

Today we have a new hotspot post for you! This time the hotspot is not located in Groningen, but in Maastricht. We have been visiting quite some other cities in Holland recently, one of them being Maastricht. Wr really liked the bar-restaurant CINQ. If you’re living in or near Maastricht, want to visit the city because of the holidays, we recommend you checking out this cute place!

Last week, when we went to Belgium for a couple of days, we made a stop in Maastricht and stayed there for the day. After five hours of traveling we we’re craving a delicious lunch. We decided to check out CINQ, a bar-restaurant near the centre of the city. CINQ is located at the¬†C√∂rversplein in Maastricht, near the Maas (a river). Unfortunately the weather was really bad, so we couldn’t sit outside and enjoy the view.

We entered the place, and we absolutely fell in love with the style and interior of the restaurant. They have marble tables, posters of city maps (for ex. New York, London etc.), big mirrors and many other beautiful things. Since we we’re very hungry, we ordered our food right away. We ordered a sandwich with carpaccio and a sandwich with croquettes. Both the sandwiches we’re very yummy! PS. Check out the pics we took below!

Since we only stayed in Maastricht for one day, we didn’t have dinner at CINQ, only lunch. We loved the food (and the coffee of course)!


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