by Megan O'Callaghan & Els Zubeldia

Review: L’Oreal Colorista Pink Hairspray

Review: L’Oreal Colorista Pink Hairspray

Hi Loves,

We figured it was time for a new product review! This week we tested the L’Oreal Colorista Pink Hairspray. We were so excited about this new product, but also a little scared. We had no idea what the spray would actually look like on your hair. 

Do you ever just want to go to the hairdresser and paint your hair pink or blue or purple or any crazy color? We do! But a crazy color might be fun for a couple of days or week, but not for moths. We love to try different styles and colors when it comes to our hair, that’s why we were very happy with the new L’Oreal Colorista line.

The L’Oreal Colorista line consists of washout, hair paint, effects and hairspray. We tested the L’Oreal Colorista Pink Hairspray. The hairspray line consist of six different colors; Pink Pastel, Pastel Blue, Turquoise, Lavender, Gray and Hot Pink. We chose the Pastel Pink spray. We bought one bottle, because we thought there would be enough product for two persons. First tip: you need the full bottle for one person, unless you have really short hair.

The hairspray retails for €7,99 at Kruidvat. The washout paint is a bit more expensive, it’s €8,99. We do advice you to go for the Washout Paint, because it stays in your hair for a full week and it’s only one euro more expensive.

The big question is: What do we think of this product? We love that this product gives you the chance to try a special hair color for only one day or one week. This product is very convenient if you’re actually considering to dye your hair in one of those colors. We did think that the Pastel Pink spray turned out to be more purple on darker hair (check out the pictures below!). So if you have dark hair (brown/black) and you want to try Pastel Pink hair, the washout might be better. We will be testing the washout in the holidays, so keep updated if you’re just as curious as we are.


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