by Megan O'Callaghan & Els Zubeldia

What do we think of eyelash extensions? (Pro’s and Con’s)

What do we think of eyelash extensions? (Pro’s and Con’s)

Hi make-up lovers,

Today we have an exciting post for you! We share our opinion on eyelash extensions. Who doesn’t love having long lashes? Do I even need to ask that? We definitely are a big fan of them. That’s why we had to try eyelash extensions. Megan has tried eyelash extensions three times and Els once.

Megan: I first tried lash extensions one year ago. I went to Beauty Avenue, a hairdresser/beauty salon in Groningen. The full price of a new set of lashes was 67,50 euros, but luckily I got a good deal! Otherwise it would’ve been quite expensive. When you want to correct them after a couple of weeks, you don’t have to pay the full price. After one week it costs you 15 euros and after 2 weeks 20 euros. I always loved long lashes and didn’t feel like mine were long enough, so the price didn’t bother me, because I just had to try! The end result was gorgeous! At the time I was very busy, so I didn’t have time to correct them. They all fell out and I started using mascara again….

I missed the long lashes so much, so I decided to get new extensions. Since that day I am still wearing lash extensions and I’m not planning on going back to mascara. Love it! One tip: correct your lashes after 2-3 weeks, because your lash extensions will fall out with your natural ones. If you don’t correct them, your lashes can get a messy look, and we don’t want that of course.

Els: Six weeks ago I got eyelash extensions for the first time. It was only €30, but it was by someone we know. Putting on the eyelash extensions took 2 hours and I really had to get used to the feeling and not being able to open your eyes the whole time. But after like 15 minutes, I got used to it and I even fell asleep during the process haha. I was amazed by the result, and ever since I’m hooked – I really don’t want to go back to mascara anymore.

Besides the fact that I really just like the look of having longer eyelashes (even though they are fake, they look more naturally to me than mascara on your lashes), the biggest pro for me is how much easier and faster it is when you’re getting ready in the morning. You don’t have to put on mascara and during those six weeks I hardly put on any other eyemake-up because it looks so good without anything else. My lashes stayed on suprisingly well and long, there are still quite a lot left now. But this is normally not the case after six weeks, so it differs from one person to another. It also depends on which type of daycream and make-upremover you use, if they are oil-based products, the lashes will come off quicker. For me, the only negative aspect is that it’s definitely pricey: a new set of eyelash extensions is usually between €45 and €75, although it gets cheaper after the first time (refills).

So if you are a big fan of long lashes and are too lazy to always put on mascara, like us, we advice you to give eyelash extensions a chance. We would love to hear about your experiences!


13 thoughts on “What do we think of eyelash extensions? (Pro’s and Con’s)”

  • Ik vind wimperextentions prachtig en zou ze zelf ook best willen. De prijs houdt me enorm tegen. Ik snap best dat dit een dure behandeling is maar heb er momenteel het geld niet voor over. Ik ben dagelijks met nepwimpers in de weer, daar heb ik nu zo’n handigheid in dat ik ze net als mascara aanbrengen in 1 minuut op heb.

  • I’ve been considering this treatment for a while now, I’m just afraid it will look too obvious and make me look like a doll, LOL! But the way they look on you is quite fabulous and not too overtly conspicuous, I think you have convinced me!

    • Hi! Nee, de neppe wimpers vallen met je eigen wimpers mee! En bijvullen moet als je er mee door wil gaan, als je weer terug wil naar natuurlijk kun je gewoon weer mascara gebruiken of niks natuurlijk, omdat ze meevallen met je eigen wimpers gaat het erg geleidelijk:)

  • Ik ben van mezelf redelijk gezegend met Lange wimpers, naar het ziet er wel echt graag uit. Alleen ook ik vindt het best duur

    • Hi, leuk dat je reageert! Als je gezegend bent met lange wimpers heb je geluk! Anders was extensions een leuke optie geweest 🙂 xoxo DD

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