by Megan O'Callaghan & Els Zubeldia

TK Maxx finds – Tony Moly Masks, Konjac Sponges & Liar Beautiful Girl Mask

TK Maxx finds – Tony Moly Masks, Konjac Sponges & Liar Beautiful Girl Mask

Hey guys,

The last couple of weeks we visited TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the US) at least once a week, to check out new products. We mainly looked in the beauty department, because they sell brands that we can’t really get anywhere else, with a good discount. This time we were curious to try some things we hadn’t seen before. 

  • TonyMoly I’m Real Mask Sheets (tested by Megan&Els)

We spot TonyMoly products quite often at TK Maxx and we love their fun packaging. So we were eager to try these face masks!

1:Vitality Broccoli mask: This is a ”pulp sheet” mask which actually sticks well to your face without you having to hold it, as is often the case with these masks. They promise maximum hydration while promoting elasticity for your skin. Benefit: it doesn’t contain parabens, talc, benzophenone, or triethanolamine, which I think is great. The mask is hydrating and your skin feels nice after putting it on. But personally, it didn’t do anything special for my skin, so I wouldn’t purchase it again. (tested by Els)

2:Radiance Tomato mask: This face mask was also a ‘pulp sheet’ mask. Just like the Broccoli it was quit easy to stick it on your face. One thing that I didn’t really like, was that it was difficult to unfold the product, because the mask was very fragile. I wore the mask for around 20/30 minutes. I had high expectations of this product, but I was kind off disappointed by the results. My face felt nice and cool, but I didn’t see or feel any difference. If you’re really looking for a radiance mask, I would not recommend this face mask. It was fun to try this product, but the results were not outstanding. (tested by Megan)

  • Danielle Konjac Cleansing Sponge (tested by Els)

We saw quite a few of these ”konjac sponges” and had both never used one before. It has been used for over a thousand years in Korea, Japan and China, so we were very curious, but did not really know what to expect. The Aloe Vera in this sponge is supposed to smooth and comfort the skin, perfect for people with sensitive skin. So, the sponge is hard, but becomes soft when you soak it in warm water, then you can use it directly on your skin or use it with a cleanser and massage your skin in circular motion. Well, I loved it immediately when I used it for the first time in combination with my Garnier Miccelair Water to take off my make-up. I usually just take off my make-up at night with cotton pads, but I love the really clean and quite exfoliated feeling this sponge gives you, I use it every other day now (not everyday because sometimes I’m lazy or don’t have much time or I don’t take the sponge with me). The sponge comes with a thread, so you can hang it up to dry. I am not sure how many times you can use it before you should throw it away, but I would definitely buy it again.

  • Beautiful Liar Girl: Aqua White Water (tested by Megan)

This face mask is from a brand that we haven’t heard from before, that made it more fun (and a little scary) to test the product. The main point of this mask is, that it illuminates your face. The first thing that I love, is that it’s a three steps face mask. Step 1: includes a cleansing gel before using the ‘pulp mask’, step 2: the face mask itself, and step 3: an after mask face creme. I have to say that I was very surprised by this product, I didn’t have high expectations, but the result proved me wrong! My face feels super hydrated and shines. I would definitely recommend this face mask and purchase it again! Love it.

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