by Megan O'Callaghan & Els Zubeldia



Hi beauties,

Have you heard of SalasSieraden yet? Well, we did and we really liked their website! Last week we got some very pretty jewelry and we are eager to show you some of our beautiful pieces.

SalasSieraden is an online jewelry webshop. The website offers many different, unique brands from different countries. These brands are very difficult to get your hands on in the Netherlands! Some brands that we love from the website are Biba, Kdyak, OHLALA, B&L Steel and Leather, and Christelle dit Christensen.

Most of these brands are very affordable, for example the Biba bracelets we are wearing on the pictures below. Are you not a fan of the Biba bracelets? No problem! There are many different bracelets in different colors and styles, a match for everyone.

Another one of our faves, is the necklace from Kdyak. This necklace is very cute and simple. It’s in the shape of a triangle and in the middle of the triangle is some lace. We love that this necklace is available in so many different colors (Els is wearing the blue one). Another thing that we like about this necklace, is that it is completely handmade and that the lace is recycled lace.

We recommend you guys to check out and get yourself some nice jewelry! Make sure to check out the pictures below.

xoxo DD

Bracelets: Biba Rings: OHLALA
Bracelets: Biba
Necklace: Kdyak
Bracelet: Biba Rings: OHLALA
Bracelets: Biba & B&L Steel and Leather Ring: Kdyak
Bracelets: Biba
Bracelets: Biba Ring: OHLALA

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