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Spring Trends: Do or Don’t? (Part 1)

Spring Trends: Do or Don’t? (Part 1)

Hi Fashionistas, today we have a new blogpost for you about some new spring trends and what we think of them. Before we start we just want to say that these are our opinions and everybody should just wear whatever they want 🙂

  • Yellow Feverrrr

The colour you will definitely see a lot this spring and summer is: yellow, the color of the sun! Winter is finally coming to an end,  and we can enjoy the sunny weather again. This fashion week, the color yellow has been spotted many times. In stores you’ll see this colour on shirts, dresses, and trousers,  from light-pastel-yellow to bright-fluorescent-yellow, there’s a shade for every skin color. We are definitely joining this trend! Wearing something yellow immediately puts us in a good mood for that day! It’s time to put your black t-shirts and sweaters back in your closet and get yourself a sunny yellow outfit. We are still running around town to find the perfect yellow dresses for the warm summer days. If you find it hard to combine the color yellow with your other clothes, here are some pictures below! But combining it with black or white is always a good idea.

Source: Elle US
  • Furry slippers

Furry slippers have definitely become a big trend and you can spot them everywhere! They are available in many different kinds of colors. The ones on the picture below are from Primark, they are in multiple colours – for only €8. If you’re willing to pay some more money for them, check out the PUMA fur slipper line. They created it in collaboration with Rihanna. We like the fur slippers for inside wearing, use them as house slippers! We personally wouldn’t wear them outside. We think the furry slippers look very comfortable and soft. Perfect for inside the house, but we prefer heels, boots or some beautiful sneakers when going out. Are you a fan of the furry slippers trend? Let us know!

Corset Belts

Another new spring trend, is the corset-belt one. We think this is one of those trends that people definitely have to get used to and might find weird at first but one that will definitely stick for a long time. Eventhough this trend might not be for everybody, we think it’s a do. We think, for beginners, this trend is fun for a night look and we also have not worn this during the day yet but if we find a great combination, we definitely will this spring! It’s fun to experiment with new accessories and why not wear a corset over your clothes? This item can give your old clothes a new life.  It’s cute to combine it with, for example, an oversized t-shirt dress. You can also wear it over a top, we like it best over a white blouse. The corset will give your body the curves that you want to show.

The corset trend has already been spotted on many celebrities. Take for example the Kardashians/Jenners, they might have been the trend setters. The sisters have rocked the corset multiple times. And now we’ve seen them everywhere during fashion week. Do you start liking this trend as much as we do now? We spotted some affordable ones at shops like Zara and Bershka.

Sources: Vogue US , Elle UK, Glamour UK, Harper’s Bazaar Australia

What do you think of these three trends? And how would you combine them? We’re very curious! Oh, and part 2 of the trends is coming very soon, where we will discuss floral prints, big sleeves, and off-shouldertops!


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